Thursday, October 9, 2014


It is hard for me to join in, hard.  I'm okay if I can lead and I am okay if I start at the same time with others, but it is hard to join in to something that is already going.
I see people talking, and even if I want to talk with those people, I won't join.  I don't want to interrupt a conversation, make them feel uncomfortable that I'm listening, or hear something I shouldn't.  I then feel I need an invitation to join an already in progress discussion.
I dislike joining a meeting late. Part of it is a respect thing for the host, the speaker, and the others in the room. Another part is I am not sure what I have missed, and I don't want to ask or say something that was covered before I came into the meeting.
I am thankful that when I join God, I find He has been waiting on me. I never interrupt Him. He doesn't mind me listening in to His conversations with others. In fact He teaches me there. And I will never hear something I shouldn't with Him. He always motions for me to come and join.
With God, I am never late for a meeting.  If I miss something, He gently reminds me.  His patience is so grace field, because He doesnt mind covering the same thing again and again. He loves my questions.
He beckons me to join Him daily, and longs for me to join Him every minute.  He wants you to join Him too.

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