Monday, October 5, 2009


The other day I was a Jolly Mill with my family and became fascinated with a little determined wasp. He was trying to carry something that was really much bigger than him. He was trying to fly with it, but was not successful. I sat there watching him as the world went by around him, and as my lovely family tried (and eventually did) squash him, but he continued to press on, flapping his wings in shear determination to take off with this large object.

I knew as I sat there, that God was trying to show something, an allegory or sorts. Like, maybe how sometimes we also have to be determined and keep flapping our wings even when we feel like we are not going anywhere, and even when people try to squash our dreams, and the world seems to be passing us by.

  1. We are the messengers that bring God's word to the lost. They are not going to be brought to God without determination on our part to plant seeds and set a consistent witness before them.
  2. Sometimes, we may feel like we are losing ground instead of gaining it, but ultimately it is not up to us to gain the ground, it is our job to carry the message. God alone gains the ground as we are obedient.
  3. Often times we are going to run into people or rules that that try to squash our efforts to further God's kingdom either through discouragement or physical threat, we have to keep our eyes on the goal and just keep going.
  4. The world may pass us by, but God's Word will remain. We are not working for the temporal things of this world, but for the Kingdom.

So next time you see a little wasp, or an ant, or maybe a fellow laborer in Christ, remember to encourage them in their efforts, regardless of what the circumstances look like. You certainly don't want to be the one the squishes the net great leader of God!!!