Friday, September 12, 2014


There's a big difference between being ready and getting ready, and the majority of us spend most of our time getting ready and are never truly ready.  Today as I was getting ready this morning for work, three minutes before walking out the door I realized I haven't ate breakfast, I still need to put my hair up, and I need to put on my shoes and socks.  Despite three minutes to "ready" to walk out the door,  I'm not truly ready to go to work.

 As I think about ready, I  think about the Old Testament.  When the flood came if they were just getting ready they all would have died or with the high priest if they were not ready when they walked into the Holy of Holies death awaited them.  We must be ready.

I hear many couples say "were not ready for children." Or engaged couples that say "We will get married when were ready."  The truth is, we can spend our lives "getting ready"  and miss the blessing that is attached with ready.

In our Christian walk,  were told to be ready in season and out of season.  Like the story of the ten virgins and the lamps some we're ready and some were not.  We have to realize that soon a time will come that we have to stop "getting ready" and realize if we are not ready, we may be too late. 

This post is part of Lisa-Jo Baker‘s Five-Minute Friday, where we gather together to write for five minutes, unedited, on a given prompt for the week.  This week’s prompt was Ready.

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  1. Thought-provoking! A few words here and there and the essence changes! Being ready is more of a journey than a process and hope it proves to be a joyous one for all of us!

    Like you perspective on the prompt!

    Friend from FMF,