Sunday, February 20, 2011


We live in an emotion filled world. We become sad, angry, happy over small trivial things. Possibly in the moment they seem worthy of the grand emotion, but in the eternal perspective they likely have little value. I wonder how many times we have those same intense emotions over the eternal things.

Do our hearts break for the broken marriages, the abused children, the empty lives that touches ours daily? Do we have to stop and regain our composure when we see a hurting life? Do we feel the need to reach out and help, with whatever means we can when we see someone in need? Are we moved with compassion as Christ was? Or are we so wrapped up in ourselves we can only grieve for the plant like Jonah?

Do we become enraged at the injustices in this world? Do we speak out for those who have no voice - not in anger, but in boldness for what is right? Do we have a holy anger burning inside of us when we see people that are being taken advantage of, abused, neglected, or harmed in some way? Do we stand up and fight the battle of those less fortunate, or save that only for when people wrong us personally or those close to us? Are we moved with holy anger as Christ was? Or do we just burn with anger for the things that impact us?

Do we rejoice with the angels when someone makes a personal decision for Christ. Not a small clap, but truly rejoice in our soul for the Kingdom has advanced? When marriages, families, and relationships are restored are we filled with rejoicing? When others succeed are we rejoicing with them? Or are we to busy complaining to God that we fail to take part of these precious moments?

God made us each emotional beings. I am sure he takes pleasure in our happiness and feels sorrow at our tears. I just feel that He wants us to partake in His emotions as well, as we would in any close relationship.