Sunday, May 2, 2010

That's not faith

I have been reading "Discover the Real Jesus" by Bill Bright. There is this line that reads "Jesus expects us to pray in Faith."

As I read that, I thought "Why would you pray in anything except faith?" I mean when you pray you make petition to the Lord for things. Why would you not pray believing He would answer "Yes." If it is worth asking for, it is worth having faith for it.

That quiet, still, small voice reminded me of the many times I have prayed without faith.

1) Praying as a last resort.
2) Praying because I need to say "I tried."
3) Praying so I could place the blame on God when it doesn't come to pass.
4) Praying with a double mind.

I have done all of these things, and I am sure many more examples of prayers without faith.

When you have run through all the options and then turn to God, that is not faith.
God should be the first I turn to, not the last.

When I pray just because it is the right thing to do, that is not faith.
My part is not just asking. My part is having faith to believe God for what I am asking.

If my motives are wrong or I know it is not in line with God's will, and it doesn't come to pass, it has nothing to do with faith. Sometimes God may say "no", He has something better in store for me - this does not mean that God is to blame for it, it means that I have to have to have faith that He has a better plan.

When I ask for something, and then with the same breath tag on a question of if He will do it. That is not faith. I can't say "God heal this person, if it is your will." Or "God save this person, if it is your will." That "If" makes it double sided and not only questions my request, but also the validity of God's word.

Lord, help me to pray in faith, at all times.

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