Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Great Escapes

Luke 4 tells of different times in the Lord's life where he made a "great escape."

Luke 4:1-13 Jesus escaped to the wilderness to be tempted, but also to receive power. When we are able to go through trials and tribulations and escape the entrapment of those times 0 then we are refreshed and filled with power from the Holy Spirit.

Luke 4:14-27 Jesus went on to Nazareth, his hometown. There are times in life where we need to get away from the things of this world and just be at home.

Jesus also during this time went to the synagogue. This can represent our modern day church. It is important that we escape to the presence of God, a time of prayer and worship. A time to focus on God's word.

Luke 4:28 - 30 Jesus escaped death. The crowd was angry at him. But he was able to talk right through them. If God be for you, who can stand against you. There may be times that we face persecution, but through Christ, we can stand against it and escape.

A few other examples:
Luke 4:35, 41 Jesus escaped or helped others and the work of the enemy. We too must take time to help others and break away from the work of the enemy.

Luke 4:39, 40 Jesus helped others escape illness. We to can have the power through the Holy Spirit and work don on the cross to pray and help others receive healing.

Luke 4:38 Jesus escaped to the home of a friend. It is important that we take time for friends.

Luke 4:42 Jesus escaped to solitude. Sometimes we just need to get alone.

Luke 4:43 - 44 Jesus escaped to help others. Sometimes despite the demands on our life, we are going to have to escape to spend time helping others.

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