Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bye Bye

The last few days I have really felt led to get rid of my Facebook. Not just fast it, which I have done several times, but to completely do away with it all together. Several times I have thought about it, but justified keeping it because so many people only post to Facebook and expect everyone will learn the news there. I mean my daughter made her engagement "Facebook official" before calling me. Yes, it made me cry, but it is the day and age unfortunately.

In addition, I try to be uplifting and positive in my posts, and have used it as a little ministry. I looked back at my years in review and the little photos that I have shared with sayings and although there are a few little cute ones in there, ultimately they are positive Christ centered messages. I will continue to post here on my blog, maybe even more frequently than I have as of late.

I realize in doing this, some things will have to change. My children will be more open to media checks than they have been. I will have to pick up the phone to get information, or better yet, go visit!

I think I will have more time to invest in other things. Writing, studying God's Word, and family and friends. So as soon as I get all my pictures downloaded - Bye Bye Facebook.

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